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Increase Productivity or Reduce Costs? Which does IT prefer?

By Anne Merkert | Posted on May 2013 in Product Marketing

At Aventi Group, most of our work involves assisting technology clients who sell to IT buyers. I started consulting in 2009, right in the thick of the economic downturn.  It felt like for years, every marketing message we worked on involved reducing costs and doing more with less: consolidate data…

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Product Marketing is a Key Voice on Channel Strategy

By sridhar ramanathan | Posted on February 2013 in Product Marketing

We’re seeing more and more just how important it is that the VP of Marketing and her product marketing team speak up on their company’s channel strategy.  In fact, we’re getting asked a lot these days by the VP of Sales or Marketing to facilitate a channel strategy and operational…

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Five Suggestions for High Impact Product Messaging

By Jeff Thompson | Posted on January 2013 in Product Marketing

High impact messaging is fundamental to effective product marketing.  It is very hard to do and every company has unique messaging challenges.  However,  in our experience, and especially in the case of technology companies,  messaging is often made unnecessarily complicated.  The natural instinct is to try to say everything to…

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To Bundle or Not to Bundle

By Anne Merkert | Posted on June 2012 in Product Marketing

At Aventi Group, we work with a lot of product teams who are creating bundles to better position point products into a single solution that addresses real customer problems. I have previously written about some of the challenges to this approach. Here are two recent real world examples.


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Is Traditional Email Marketing Dead?

By Bill Reed | Posted on February 2012 in Product Marketing

Raise your hand if you own a mobile device. Which kind? Blackberry, iPhone, flip phone, cute pink phone with diamonds on the sides? All the above? Do you retrieve email messages on your cute pink phone? Truth is, most of us do. And this truth is even more prevalent for…

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Do you know your prospect’s impending event?

By Anne Merkert | Posted on September 2011 in Product Marketing

When we started selling voice-over-IP services at Covad (nearly 8 years ago!), we looked for companies with PBX equipment reaching the end of its life cycle, telecom contracts set to expire, or a planned office move or expansion. These events created the need for organizations to source a new phone…

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Are you building solutions for your customer or your org chart?

By Anne Merkert | Posted on July 2011 in Product Marketing

We are seeing more organizations transforming their Product Marketing teams into Solutions Marketing. Delivering complete solutions for customers instead of point products, in theory, is a great approach. Combining products into the appropriate solution portfolios within an organization however, is not easy. Here are a few questions to ask yourself…

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Where’s Your Product Marketing Manager?

By sridhar ramanathan | Posted on June 2011 in Product Marketing

It’s surprising to me how many high tech company executives assume product managers can handle two very different roles – product management and product marketing. What’s the difference? Well, we see product management as largely an “inbound” responsibility leading a cross functional team of product development, marketing, finance, operations, tech…

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Top Reasons to have superb Product Management

By sridhar ramanathan | Posted on October 2010 in Product Marketing

I had a very nice lunch conversation last week with Chris Kenton, CEO/founder of SocialRep, a social media technology company, and his CTO, Terry Blankers. He’s leading his startup through hyper growth as he adds to his stable of high quality clients like Toyota, Wachovia, and CreativeLabs. One of our…

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Launching Products in a Social World

By Admin | Posted on November 2009 in Product Marketing

Many of our clients ask us this: What do all the new social media tools and vehicles mean for launching new products? A number of our projects involve developing go-to-market strategies and plans for our clients. Increasingly the strategies and plans we develop take account AND advantage of these new…

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