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10 Reasons Why Cold Calling Is A Total Waste

Sridhar Ramanathan

By sridhar ramanathan
Posted on April 2011 in Market Strategy

Yesterday I was speaking with the VP of Sales of one of HP’s top resellers of servers, storage, and networking solutions. We got to talking about demand generation and how much the field has evolved in just the last three years.

One of her comments was that traditional telemarketing where call center agents “dial for dollars” hoping to get an IT manager live on the phone is just a complete waste of time and money.

Over 90% of so called “leads” prove to be duds. We came up with a list of top ten reasons why cold calling from offshore or onshore telemarketing firms is just not working. See below.

The demand generation strategy that’s worked the best for our clients is based on messaging that’s laser focused on the IT manager’s pain points, a differentiated offer, an accurate contact list, leveraging knowledgeable consultants for inbound calls only (vs outbound telemarketers mindlessly reading scripts), and a web-based scorecard that rigorously measures lead quality.

Let us know what you find that’s really working and not working in high tech product demand generation.

  • Outbound phone calling because almost no one answers the phone anymore thanks to caller ID.
  • Agents who “pitch” at the customer instead of leading an engaging “discovery” conversation.
  • Agents who have practically no domain knowledge.v
  • Customer contact lists from traditional list rental companies.
  • Calling a response to an email blast a “lead” when it’s really not even an “inquiry.”
  • Email messaging that’s all about product features rather than customer problem/solution.
  • Quantity focus versus delivering fewer, higher quality sales opportunities.
  • Tossing “leads” to sales reps hoping they’ll follow-up versus teeing up only highly qualified prospects and maintaining follow-through.
  • Campaign reporting that is all about lead delivery instead of revenue value of pipeline.
  • Campaigns ad hoc events versus as an ongoing process with a well honed engine.