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Got Neuromarketing?

By Bill Reed | Posted on October 2015 in Market Strategy

What do Google, Microsoft, eBay, Yahoo, GM, Chevron, Nestle, PepsiCo and Coca Cola have in common? They’ve all recently increased investments in neuromarketing. The term was coined by research professor Ale Smidts over a decade ago, but psychologists at Harvard University developed the concept many years earlier. They postulated that…

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Insights from Women Entrepreneurs

By Anne Merkert | Posted on June 2014 in Market Strategy

At Aventi Group we specialize in product marketing for B2B technology companies. But I also love to get out of this B2B comfort zone from time to time and so I was thrilled when a good friend invited me to a B2C panel discussion hosted by Norwest Venture Partners

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Stop Working on Your Weekly Marketing Report

By Anne Merkert | Posted on October 2012 in Market Strategy

Almost every marketing team I’ve been a part of, both in house and as a consultant to our clients, has required the production of a weekly report. You know the one—it is due Monday morning and demands that you submit bullet points of your accomplishments from the previous week. I…

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Aventi Group Launches New VectorApp™ Mobile Application

By Anne Merkert | Posted on May 2012 in Market Strategy

Aventi Group is pleased to announce the launch of VectorApp, a new mobile and web application that automatically customizes content based on customer profiles, personality types and reading preferences. The app also delivers just-in-time sales enablement tools and information to field and channel sales reps customized for specific customers.


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Advice to a CMO on Day One

By sridhar ramanathan | Posted on January 2012 in Market Strategy

I had a delightful lunch with my dear friend and a colleague, Ann Ruckstuhl.  She is leaving Symantec to start at LiveOps as their new Chief Marketing Officer (CMO).  Ann has an illustrious career having worked as a marketing exec at Sybase, eBay, HP and a few startups in between. …

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Four Steps to Better Customer Presentations

By Anne Merkert | Posted on June 2011 in Market Strategy

I recently had the opportunity to interview an executive at our client, a global software company, and one of his comments in particular got me thinking. We were discussing trends in the collaboration space and he mentioned “beyond the core communication with email, you have the production of content in…

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10 Reasons Why Cold Calling Is A Total Waste

By sridhar ramanathan | Posted on April 2011 in Market Strategy

Yesterday I was speaking with the VP of Sales of one of HP’s top resellers of servers, storage, and networking solutions. We got to talking about demand generation and how much the field has evolved in just the last three years.

One of her comments was that traditional telemarketing…

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An Interview with Howard Sewell, Demand Gen expert

By sridhar ramanathan | Posted on March 2011 in Market Strategy

Howard is a long time partner of mine who I’ve come to trust and rely upon for demand generation campaign strategies and tactics. He writes on B2B Demand Generation for his blog, The Point. Here’s an interview with Howard on questions that were top of my mind and also on…

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Why Social Media?

By Anne Merkert | Posted on August 2010 in Market Strategy

A global enterprise software organization recently reached out to us for assistance in developing a social media strategy. It’s been over six years since the launch of Facebook, and yet this client expressed the same common questions and concerns that we often hear when clients are considering getting started in…

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It's that Target Market again...

By Admin | Posted on October 2009 in Market Strategy

Lately I’ve been advising a couple of different companies who are either introducing a new product or contemplating a new market. Invariably the question comes up how should we think about which markets to enter. Simple answer: wherever you can maximize your opportunity! Well not so simple really, when you…

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