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7 Steps to Hockey Stick Sales Acceleration

By sridhar ramanathan | Posted on September 2016 in Channel Development

It’s been an odd week. I just so happened to have three conversations this week with CEO’s of high tech firms that have been in business over eight years and yet have not seen that “hockey stick” breakthrough in revenue growth. All of them are in market spaces that are…

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What's the New Mindset of Channel Marketing?

By sridhar ramanathan | Posted on May 2015 in Channel Development

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Chris Kenton, CEO of SocialRep, and Mitchell Levy, publisher of THiNKaha’s Thought Leader Life series.  The focus was on selling to and through the technology channel. What’s the new mindset of channel marketing? How are partner’s empowered today versus yesterday?…

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Seven Dumb Mistakes Channel Marketers make in Deal Registration

By sridhar ramanathan | Posted on April 2014 in Channel Development

Virtually all of our clients rely extensively on channel partners to sell, market, deliver and support their products.  Some to a very high degree.  Some lesser.  I’ve listed here dumb mistakes we’ve seen again and again yet the converse of each of these is a best practice in disguise.

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Are Your Channel Partners Happy?

By Anne Merkert | Posted on March 2014 in Channel Development

Maybe it’s because my kids are constantly humming that Oscar-nominated tune by Pharrell, but it got me thinking about channel partners and what makes them happy. I have been working with channel partners since 1999, conducted numerous annual partner satisfaction surveys, both in-house and for our clients, and it…

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Tips on Running Weekly Sales Meetings

By sridhar ramanathan | Posted on February 2011 in Channel Development

Do you find weekly sales conference calls to be onerous, de-motivating, unfocused, and often a poor use of time? Unfortunately, this is more often the case than not. Here are tips based on our playing the interim sales exec role for a dozen or so technology clients. Would love to…

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Does Cold Calling Really Pay Off?

By sridhar ramanathan | Posted on September 2010 in Channel Development

One of the fond memories I have of my HP days is when very high level executives would roll up their sleeves and play “individual contributor” just to stay grounded in the business. Rich Sevcik, GM of HP’s “mini-computer” division (the HP 3000 competed against the DEC VAX and AS/400)…

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Lessons Learned on Customer List Development

By sridhar ramanathan | Posted on August 2010 in Channel Development

Bill Reed, Sam Young, and I have been running several appointment setting campaigns for numerous tech clients with surprisingly outstanding results. We use a very unique, proprietary approach called Vector, which is resulting in 65% to 75% of our completed appointments rated as “good” to “excellent”, meaning they are moving…

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What's the most effective demand gen approach?

By Bill Reed | Posted on February 2010 in Channel Development

I recently posted some discussions on LinkedIn that asked the question: what’s the most effective telemarketing and lead generation approach for technology companies? This triggered some excellent responses and lively discussions, as well as a few questions. To follow is a brief overview of the discussions, and a few answers…

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Time for that Annual Partner Satisfaction Survey?

By Anne Merkert | Posted on February 2010 in Channel Development

Thinking about surveying your partners to assess your channel program and prioritize objectives for the coming year? We recently conducted such a survey for a global software organization, and despite current challenges in the economy, we heard channel partners asking for some fairly common resources.

Attention. You may host weekly…

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CIO Tells Us How to Sell to CIOs

By sridhar ramanathan | Posted on October 2009 in Channel Development

I had a great conversation with my dear friend and neighbor, Walt Thinfen. He’s the Vice President and Chief Information Officer (CIO) of Visioneer, a high tech company here in Pleasanton, California. I took the opportunity to get his thoughts on how our clients and other technology vendors could do…

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