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Are PRDs Dead?

By sridhar ramanathan | Posted on December 2016 in Product Marketing

This blog post is written by George Viebeck, an experienced principal product manager with tenures at Dell EMC and other technology firms.

With the advent of agile and devops methodologies, the traditional Product Requirements Document (PRD) may have all but disappeared. I’ve written and reviewed more than…

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10 Questions to get at Customer Pain Points

By sridhar ramanathan | Posted on November 2016 in Product Marketing

What if, God forbid, you went to the ER complaining of chest pains and the ER doc said she’ll be right back after she gloves up for open heart surgery. Ridiculous analogy I know but that’s the sort of thing many tech companies routinely do. Don’t believe me? Let’s look…

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Is Your Product or Solution “Channel Friendly”?

By Jeff Thompson | Posted on October 2016 in Product Marketing

Channels and partnerships are a big part of any company’s growth strategy.

This goes for both startups and established firms.  In almost all cases there is a limit to how much or how quickly a company can grow relying only on a direct sales force.  Yet, finding the best…

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7 Steps to Hockey Stick Sales Acceleration

By sridhar ramanathan | Posted on September 2016 in Channel Development

It’s been an odd week. I just so happened to have three conversations this week with CEO’s of high tech firms that have been in business over eight years and yet have not seen that “hockey stick” breakthrough in revenue growth. All of them are in market spaces that are…

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3 Neuroscience Principles that can Supercharge Your Landing Pages

By Bill Reed | Posted on October 2015 in Product Marketing

Leading business to consumer (B2C) companies like Google, Yahoo, eBay, GM, Chevron, and Coca Cola are doubling down on their neuromarketing investments for one good reason: it works. While these firms are focused mostly on human brain reactions to advertising stimuli, the principles behind this science can also help us…

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Got Neuromarketing?

By Bill Reed | Posted on October 2015 in Market Strategy

What do Google, Microsoft, eBay, Yahoo, GM, Chevron, Nestle, PepsiCo and Coca Cola have in common? They’ve all recently increased investments in neuromarketing. The term was coined by research professor Ale Smidts over a decade ago, but psychologists at Harvard University developed the concept many years earlier. They postulated that…

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Are your Competitors Using Neuromarketing to Steal Your Customers?

By Bill Reed | Posted on September 2015 in Product Marketing

Neuromarketing works. The validation comes from such firms as Google, Microsoft, Yahoo, eBay, Chevron, GM, Coca Cola, Protor & Gamble, Nestle, and PepsiCo, which have recently increased their neuromarketing investments. However, most of these companies are focusing on the Business to Consumer (B2C) side of the fence. What about Business…

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IDG Enterprise Engage Insights

By Bill Reed | Posted on July 2015 in Product Marketing

I recently attended an excellent IT marketing conference, called Engage, that was hosted by IDG Enterprise. Joining me were dozens of directors and VPs of several leading Silicon Valley tech firms. About a half-dozen of these companies were current or former clients of Aventi Group.

During the one-day event, IDG imparted…

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What's the New Mindset of Channel Marketing?

By sridhar ramanathan | Posted on May 2015 in Channel Development

I had the privilege of being interviewed by Chris Kenton, CEO of SocialRep, and Mitchell Levy, publisher of THiNKaha’s Thought Leader Life series.  The focus was on selling to and through the technology channel. What’s the new mindset of channel marketing? How are partner’s empowered today versus yesterday?…

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Heard about the Latest Sales Training & Enablement Research?

By Bill Reed | Posted on April 2015 in Product Marketing

New research claims to turn what we know about sales enablement and training upside down. If you’re in marketing or sales, regardless of your focus, this new information could impact everything you do. Why? Because sales professionals are hearing about it, reading the book, and possibly adopting some of the…

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