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3 Neuroscience Principles that can Supercharge Your Landing Pages

By Bill Reed | Posted on October 2015 in Product Marketing

Leading business to consumer (B2C) companies like Google, Yahoo, eBay, GM, Chevron, and Coca Cola are doubling down on their neuromarketing investments for one good reason: it works. While these firms are focused mostly on human brain reactions to advertising stimuli, the principles behind this science can also help us…

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Got Neuromarketing?

By Bill Reed | Posted on October 2015 in Market Strategy

What do Google, Microsoft, eBay, Yahoo, GM, Chevron, Nestle, PepsiCo and Coca Cola have in common? They’ve all recently increased investments in neuromarketing. The term was coined by research professor Ale Smidts over a decade ago, but psychologists at Harvard University developed the concept many years earlier. They postulated that…

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