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Is our Messaging Helping or Hurting Sales?

By Bill Reed | Posted on May 2013 in Product Marketing

According to a study conducted by CSO Insights, companies that focus on creating and delivering better messaging outsell competitors by wide margins. They have 35% more salespersons making quota, win deals 20% more often, and have 33% less rep turnover than competitors with average messaging. Keep in mind that the…

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Competitive Battle Cards – The Sales Team’s Best Weapon?

By sridhar ramanathan | Posted on May 2013 in Product Marketing

One of the most valuable contributions that your Product Marketing organization can make is to equip its sales force with tools to help them compete more effectively.  Battle cards are the popular tool to do exactly that – educate your reps on competition, enable reps to set competitive traps in…

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Increase Productivity or Reduce Costs? Which does IT prefer?

By Anne Merkert | Posted on May 2013 in Product Marketing

At Aventi Group, most of our work involves assisting technology clients who sell to IT buyers. I started consulting in 2009, right in the thick of the economic downturn.  It felt like for years, every marketing message we worked on involved reducing costs and doing more with less: consolidate data…

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