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Five Suggestions for High Impact Product Messaging

By Jeff Thompson | Posted on January 2013 in Product Marketing

High impact messaging is fundamental to effective product marketing.  It is very hard to do and every company has unique messaging challenges.  However,  in our experience, and especially in the case of technology companies,  messaging is often made unnecessarily complicated.  The natural instinct is to try to say everything to…

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Sales Enablement Acceleration Workshop

By Anne Merkert | Posted on January 2013 in News - General News

How can you tell if your sales enablement tools are actually sales prevention tools?

Try honestly answering these questions:

  • Do your sales reps agree that all of their sales tools are outstanding?
  • Are all of your sales reps actually using your sales tools?
  • Are your sales reps spending too much time…

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How do you know if your messaging is actually hindering sales success?

By Anne Merkert | Posted on January 2013 in News - General News

Seasoned marketing pros know that ignoring messaging problems can have severe consequences. Leads decline, revenue is below target, market share drops, and executives cut budgets and personnel. In a single day, Aventi Group executives can help you avoid common issues and move you toward world class messaging. Unlike ordinary workshops…

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