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The Trouble with Translations

By Bill Reed | Posted on January 2015 in Product Marketing

Earlier in my career, as a marketing director for a large international firm, I was tasked with translating marketing, sales, and training materials to support several regions. We needed to translate English versions of sales presentations, customer collateral, messaging, and training materials into more than a dozen languages including Spanish,…

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Is Your Sales Enablement World Class?

By sridhar ramanathan | Posted on October 2014 in Product Marketing

Virtually all of our clients invest a significant chunk of their marketing dollars in sales enablement.  That includes sales training (self-paced online and instructor led training with sophisticated role playing), sales communications (e.g. newsletters, alerts, internal social media posts, etc.) and sales tools such as competitive battle cards, customer presentations,…

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Sales Enablement: What are you Risking?

By Bill Reed | Posted on July 2014 in Product Marketing

My house almost burnt down in May. I live in North County San Diego and temperatures that month hit 103 degrees with winds whipping up to 45 MPH. The combination ignited grassfires that raged out of control for an entire week. Nearly two dozen houses and buildings were turned to…

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Insights from Women Entrepreneurs

By Anne Merkert | Posted on June 2014 in Market Strategy

At Aventi Group we specialize in product marketing for B2B technology companies. But I also love to get out of this B2B comfort zone from time to time and so I was thrilled when a good friend invited me to a B2C panel discussion hosted by Norwest Venture Partners

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Seven Dumb Mistakes Channel Marketers make in Deal Registration

By sridhar ramanathan | Posted on April 2014 in Channel Development

Virtually all of our clients rely extensively on channel partners to sell, market, deliver and support their products.  Some to a very high degree.  Some lesser.  I’ve listed here dumb mistakes we’ve seen again and again yet the converse of each of these is a best practice in disguise.

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Hey Sales Execs: Is there a new Sheriff in Town?

By Bill Reed | Posted on April 2014 in Product Marketing

Many years ago I used to work for the “dark side.” I launched my career in product marketing, but did a stint as a VP Sales & Marketing for two start-ups. Both did quite well and were acquired, one of them by Intel. I learned a great deal operating on…

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What Drives Excellence in Product Marketing?

By sridhar ramanathan | Posted on March 2014 in Product Marketing

We all know how easy it is to measure sales effectiveness – quota attainment.  The same goes for demand generation – a pipeline of qualified leads or sales opportunities that’s three to five times quota.  But what about Product Marketing Management (PMM)?  One could argue that revenue growth is the…

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Are Your Channel Partners Happy?

By Anne Merkert | Posted on March 2014 in Channel Development

Maybe it’s because my kids are constantly humming that Oscar-nominated tune by Pharrell, but it got me thinking about channel partners and what makes them happy. I have been working with channel partners since 1999, conducted numerous annual partner satisfaction surveys, both in-house and for our clients, and it…

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Does Neuromarketing Messaging Work for Technology Firms?

By Bill Reed | Posted on November 2013 in Product Marketing

The science of neuromarketing is coming into vogue, and several marketers are asking whether it’s suitable for Business to Business (B2B) or technology messaging and lead generation. The answer, in my opinion, is yes and no.  Business to Consumer (B2C)-focused researchers are using various methods to measure responses to stimuli…

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Do You Have a Peyton Manning on Your Team?

By Bill Reed | Posted on October 2013 in Product Marketing

Even if you hate the game of football, the tale of Peyton Manning is an excellent case study for Product Marketing management. Manning won a Most Valuable Player award for a SuperBowl a few years ago while playing quarterback for the Indianapolis Colts. Manning later had a serious injury and…

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