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Channel Sales Enablement

The Aventi Group sales enablement, sales training, channel messaging, and demand generation programs can help your partners focus on the best prospects, at the right time, with messaging that compels action. We start with messaging that is aligned to your prospect and the channel partner sales processes. The next step it to create sales training materials and telemarketing scripts with concise, relevant introductions, brief qualifying questions and a flow that is in sync with the sales process. Aventi Group also delivers hands-on partner neuroscience based sales training and deal coaching, sales enablement tools and reference guides to teach channel partners how to identify specific role players in an account and ask the right questions, in the right order, to qualify, motivate and close.

Aventi Group’s proven training materials, enablement tools, and demand generation tactics have generated hundreds of qualified prospects for our clients and their channel partners in a variety of industries worldwide.

Channel Program Development

Most channel programs experience the 80-20 rule but without in-depth analysis to optimize the channel or evaluate whether you have the “right” channel partners, you are limiting the potential of your channel opportunity.

Aventi Group executives understand that channel teams should conduct regular partner surveys and sales analyses to understand specific drivers for performance to optimize channel results. Effective channel programs have clear and well-defined requirements and rewards so that vendors attract the right partners who are willing to make an investment in selling their solutions. Leverage Aventi Group’s deep expertise in channel management to elevate your channel program to the next level.  Specific services include:

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CLICK HERE for information on Aventi Group’s Neuron-Messaging Workshop

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